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We have assisted many companies reduce their manufacturing costs by supporting them in design, development of prototypes and manufacture of machine parts. Our reputaion is based on the quality of the small and large-scale machining, manufacturing and servicing projects that we have delivered efficiently and on time.

We attribute our success as Western Australia’s leading machine shop to our continual investment in the finest machinery, industrial experience and expertise, and in our enthusiasm and commitment to quality.

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Why use our Manufacturing services

Experienced and qualified team

Our highly experienced machinists can assist with all your engineering requirements. Whether you require Fitting, Milling, or CNC Machining, we have the equipment and know-how to complete your job on time, and to the highest standards.

Short lead times

From prototype to short, medium or long run production, our Company has the capacity to handle a variety of production needs for a range of industrial applications. Our team working round the clock can deliver your order whilst adhering to your most stringent requirements.

Quality Assurance and

We can take a product concept and through careful planning, turn it into a viable and cost-effective product. We can mill and turn a variety of materials to exacting standards, including stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminium, brass, and plastics.

Materials and Finishes

At Ceejay Precision Engineering, we understand your need for quality assurance and competitive pricing when it comes to the manufacturing and machining of sector-relevant equipment. Being a market leader in manufacturing solutions for general and precision engineering means that we specialise in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, allowing for the successful automation of machines and tools with computers that execute pre-programmed sequences and machine control commands. We prototype to the most complicated machine parts.

Surface Finishes

We are able to provide a wide variety of surface finishes to your material requirements. Use us as your one-stop solution for both manufacturing and surface finishing of your custom CNC machined parts, reducing the risk of production. Contact us for specific requirements, we will be happy to accomodate your needs.

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