Gear Cutting

If you are looking for precision custom gears for any specification, Ceejay Precision Engineering will work with you from the initial design or sample through to the final product to ensure your exact needs are met. We can work from samples provided by clients, whether they are in excellent or poor condition. At Ceejay Precision Engineering we manufacture all types of gears from precision gears to factory machine parts. We have an extensive range of gear cutting capabilities and use the latest technology to deliver precision gear cutting at competitive prices. Our qualified engineers and experienced machine operators are design and cutting professionals and can expertly handle your most complex custom gear needs. The types of gears we manufacture include:

  • Helical
  • Spur
  • Splined Shafts
  • Internal Splined Hubs
  • Planetary Gear Sets
  • Worm Shafts
  • Worm Wheels (Single and Multi Start)