Tool Making & Injection Moulding

Ceejay Precision Engineering also focuses on the Tooling industry, designing and manufacturing precision high quality tooling for blow, injection moulding, press tools and Forging dies. Our factory is highly efficient and incorporates a state of the art tool room. Employing highly skilled toolmakers, qualified CAD/CAM designers and CNC machine operators with the latest CNC machinery and design software allows us to keep on top of the ever-changing engineering industry.

Plastic Moulding

Ceejay Precision Engineering is an industry leader in the development, manufacturing and assembly of quality injection mould tooling as well as components. We have the expertise in processing both the most difficult engineered and commodity grade plastics. We offer a comprehensive in-house service for both product and mould design and have many years’ experience in the project management of products from the concept or prototype stage through to mass production. We engineer the moulds in the most cost effective way relative to the product parameters.

We also design and manufacture PVC Extrusion moulds, Hot and cold forging dies and metal stamping tools. Equipped with the latest CAD technology, our mould design staff will take your product from your plan or drawing and design the mould to produce the product you have specified. By having in house mould designers and toolmakers we can guarantee that the mould will be built the way you want.

Our experience in moulding engineering thermoplastics is well recognised. Choosing the right type of plastic for the job is often critical and we are confident of the quality of our advice because it is based on knowledge we have gained through many years in the industry. We mould components for many products in many sectors of Australian industry.