About Us

About Us

We cater to your most stringent requirements

Our History

Ceejay Precision Engineering is a company with a proud history since it was established in 1997. Our vision was to become a respectable and trusted engineering solutions provider in Western Australia that focuses on customer satisfaction.

Over the last 25 years Ceejay achieved this vision, servicing customers across Australia and the globe, now with over 8,000 square metres of workshop space in the Perth industrial area.

Our focus on customer care, coupled with professional and friendly communication and honesty, has enabled us to form true partnerships with key customers across the most demanding industries.
Our success can be attributed to continual investment in training, technology and an ongoing focus on helping our valued customers overcome their greatest engineering challenges.

Our Mission

We constantly strive to enhance current services and influence future growth and development with quality products and satisfied customers. Our customers are an integral part of our business. We strive at all times to understand our customers’ needs and deliver beyond expectations.

Our Vision

On every Ceejay project our aim is to achieve  total product quality and fully satisfy customer requirements. We do this by providing a professional and safe work environment and effectively managing our business processes. It is our goal to posture our company for market expansion.

Our Values


Safety is our top priority. We constantly strive for new ways to make Ceejay a safer place to work through safety culture, systems and risk management, to ensure safe outcomes for our people and customers.

Client Relationships

Through our years in the industry we have forged strong and long lasting relationships with our clients, creating close partnerships that allow both parties to succeed and grow together. Our team is always ready to work with new clients and help them achieve their goals.


We pride ourselves in being a responsible business by ensuring that we have a positive impact through utilising sustainable business practices and doing our part for the community that we work in.


At Ceejay we know that diverse teams are proven to deliver better results. We pride ourselves on having a large and diverse team to service our clients and to make Ceejay a great place to work for all people.

Leadership and Teamwork

We can only achieve the results we do with our talented team working closely together towards a common goal of delighting our valued customers. This shared vision is ingrained in our DNA and is supported by our strong and capable leaders who are well equipped to guide and support our team through any challenge.


Our ability to innovate and our thirst for continuous improvement is what differentiates Ceejay in the market. We have a shared goal of doing things differently to deliver value through efficiency and to pass this value on to our customers.

How We Can Help

Let us accelerate your product development, reduce costs, and optimise your supply chain with our technology-enabled CNC machining, general engineering and injection moulding services.